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Anna Dziadkowiec

A wellbeing workspace – what is it and how to approach it strategically

In many companies, employee well-being is associated with a long list of benefits. Meanwhile, well-being is not only about an internal benefits policy. It is a strategy that allows a company to achieve an appropriate level of operational efficiency, respecting the resources available, nurturing well-being and awareness among its employees, as well as taking care of a well-organized office. Times of distributed work are a good moment to look at one’s spaces and consider whether they need refreshing or changing. Check how the workspace affects your employees’ well-being and take the first step to include the office in your company’s well-being strategy!

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Anna Dziadkowiec

Inclusive hybrid meetings – how to arrange hybrid meeting spaces?

One of the significant challenges of hybrid working is to maintain inclusivity and equality among all employees – regardless whether they perform their duties in the office or at home. This also applies to meetings, which, if poorly organised, can contribute to the exclusion of remote workers and a reduced sense of connection with the organisation and the team. To address these issues, we have put together some practical inspiration for arranging hybrid meeting spaces. Our tips address the diverse needs of all employees and support an inclusive working environment. By using them, you can be sure that your hybrid meetings will be organised in a way that fosters collaboration, encourages participation and promotes a sense of belonging among all team members. Have a great read!

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Ewelina Solecka

A neuro-inclusive office in 8 steps

The need to embrace inclusivity and neurodiversity in the workplace is increasingly becoming the focus of internal brand strategies and communications. It is great that companies are recognising the importance of these concepts, but it is not enough to just talk about them – it is important to turn knowledge of the diversity of the human brain, and therefore the different needs of employees, into real action. That is why we have put together a collection of good practices you can implement to create a welcoming, neuro-inclusive office. By using our tips, you will help your employees reach their full potential and build a positive work culture that recognises and celebrates how beautifully we differ. Read the article and get started now!

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Workplace Team

Lafarge – office rearrangement and lease extension [CASE STUDY]

Lafarge, a leader in innovative and sustainable construction solutions, part of the global Holcim Group, has more than 75 production facilities in Poland, including cement plants, mines, aggregate handling centres and concrete production plants. In connection with the desire to extend the lease, together with the real estate agency Savills and the architectural studio Hejduk Architekci, we provided the customer with a comprehensive support service in the process of negotiating and rearranging the office space. Our needs research and workplace strategy resulted in an extremely high level of employee satisfaction with the new office! Learn more about this success story and see how we achieved the client’s goal.

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Izabella Azzato

7 Trends of a Hybrid Workplace

Trends are connected with genuine changes in reality and the influence of these changes on us. Their importance is more than significant as they allow us to make well thought decisions and design business undertakings. Our list includes 7 workplace trends that are rooted in broader social changes that may influence the future of hybrid offices. Read our article and find out what actions to take in order to create a new efficient hybrid workplace!

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Andrzej Butra

The Team’s Nest. The manager’s key tool for the hybrid work model

A well designed and furnished office, which includes the needs of rotating teams can be an effective tool in the hands of a hybrid team manager – especially when the office houses the team’s nest. A prescribed or time booked space where employees can meet physically and work together supports their effectiveness and innovation. It also helps to build, develop and maintain the hybrid team. How to use the office in hybrid times effectively? What should the team nest look like? Together with Anna Dziadkowiec we prepared several solutions having in mind the manager and his/her team’s needs.

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