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Knowledge and tools that strengthen and develop your competences

We address our training programmes to HR, Facility Management, Wellbeing Management departments, as well as to Team Managers and the Managing Boards of particular companies. We conduct them online and offline, in Polish and English. In the training room, as in our daily work, we are guided by our values: knowledge, supported by many years of experience; empathy, allowing us to learn and understand your challenges and needs; partnership, based on cooperation and shared responsibility for the result; and flexibility, expressed in our openness to the other person. Find out about the forms and topics of Workplace Team training and take part in one of them!

During open training sessions, we focus on giving you general knowledge and exchanging perspectives as widely as possible. The great value of this form of meetings is therefore the opportunity to learn about the experience of the other participants and transfer this to your own company. Lots of inspiration and the will to change are guaranteed! Open training sessions are conducted online and are open to anyone who is interested in the topic. However, pre-registration via the registration form is necessary.

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In-company training is always a tailor-made product! We carry it out upon the request of a particular company, either at the organisation’s premises or online. For in-company training, we tailor our approach to your unique needs and expectations. By carefully assessing the situation, we offer you the best possible solutions.

Through our strategy workshops you gain valuable insights into relevant business needs and organisational challenges related to your work and office model. Our workshops enable you to develop common ground among key decision-makers, including the Board and Directors, and build a robust strategy with the support of experienced facilitators. As with in-company training, we tailor the scope and duration of the workshop to your unique needs and requirements.

The workplace in hybrid times – how to manage!
✽ An introduction to the contemporary workplace
✽ The office in hybrid times – what it is and how it is changing
✽ Hybrid work as an in-company process
The employee in the centre – workplace based on wellbeing
✽ Features of a well-being place of work
✽ Different employee needs and neurodiversity
✽ Good practice in the hybrid era – cases
How to adjust the office to the hybrid model of working?
✽ The functions of a hybrid office
✽ The hybrid office as a cultural change in the company
✽ “Team nests” – how to create them?
Returning to the office – How to manage this effectively?
✽ Three perspectives of remote work
✽ Returning to the office – How to implement this effectively?
✽ The role of managers in the change process
The office as a tool of a hybrid team manager
✽ Office functions in a hybrid model
✽ Effective work in a hybrid reality
✽ “Team nests” – How to use them?
Key aspects of effective communication in a hybrid team
✽ Key elements of effective communication
✽ Behaviour style vs communication style
✽ Verbal and non-verbal communication in hybrid work
The new role of a manager leading a hybrid team. 4 areas to pay particular attention to
✽ Leader, coach, mentor – the manager’s role and challenges
✽ Intentional planning of a hybrid team’s work
✽ Emotional needs of team members
Effective meetings in a hybrid company
✽ Effective meetings? What are they?
✽ The savoir - vivre of hybrid meetings
✽ The role of physical space

Are you looking for non-standard workplace training? Contact us! We are experienced in carrying out the most ambitious training projects.


a great dose of practical and checked know-how


tested tools for work


the possibility of being supported during implementation


additional inspirational post-training material

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flexible approach to training realisation